The Newest Cookie Truck cruising the Las Vegas Streets

We're stoked for launch. In fact, we are so stoked, we want to give away cookies. Share your email and we will give you a free cookie just for being awesome.

As you guessed, we're crazy about cookies

Fanatical about cookies...
Fanatical about our customers...

We make cookies every day, and package them in their own individual cellophane wrapper, making sure that they stay fresh until it's time for your to devour them

We've put together some amazing gift boxes for every occasion, including birthdays, graduations, corporate events, and even thank you boxes for sales people!

Recipes as old as time... Just kidding, but they were passed down through the family, and now it's time to share them with the world! Old school recipes with modern influences 🙂

We bring the cookies, the ice cream, the truck, and the party! Most of our parties start at just $8/person, which means it's affordable for everyone!

Let's get this party started

Have a function and need some delicious cookies and ice cream? Book the newest and cleanest cookie truck in Vegas to make your next party or get together one to remember.

Party Catering

Starting at $120

Book our truck and have an amazing time for as little as $8/person

Corporate Catering / Promotions

Starting at $200

High end cookies and a social media blast across Vegas. A great way to promote your business!

Not just a cookie... but a Cause

Vegas is our home.
It's time to take care of our people.

We're working to help provide nutritional "meal" cookies to those who may need a helping hand... We want to help our fellow man / woman by creating and passing out a free meal replacement cookie.

We've developed a special recipe for a meal replacement cookie that will help provide nutrients for people who can't get regular sources of food. Low / no fillers, and high value ingredients like flax seed and oats will help be a source of energy for those who may need it.

We know there are special needs associated with helping. So our cookies are designed with those who may have dental problems and need something soft, and low processed sugars to help reduce blood sugar impact.

We have a truck. Not everyone can make it to a soup kitchen every day. So we want to help fill in the gaps by bringing our resources to them.

Don't miss out on an awesome experience...

We bring fun, crazy good cookies, and are ready to party. It doesn't matter if it's just a few friends, or a major corporate event, we are ready for you!